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The Holidays are just around the corner, and BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund has put together two Thanksgiving gift baskets one with an uncooked turkey and one basket will have a cooked ham, which we will be raffling off


Basket Contents:• Box of stuffing• Canned green beans• Corn muffin Mix or Hawaiian Rolls• Gravy• Potatoes• Carrots• Celery• Onion• And either A 15lb uncooked Turkey or cooked Ham
The proceeds will be used to brighten up the lives of at least four “Living Sober” families throughout Thanksgiving & Christmas.

The tickets will go on sale on Monday, November 8th, and the winners will be announced on Monday 22nd November, when you can collect your basket from AC Dave Heating & Air.How to purchase tickets:• Tickets are a minimum of a $5 donation each.

If you are dropping your donation to AC Dave Heating and air, please put your Thanksgiving basket preference (Turkey or Ham) in a note, along with your contact details and donation. We will have a jar ready at 16138 Spunky Canyon Road, Green Valley, CA 91390.•

Or, you can pay for your tickets through

PAYPAL: bbmshappychildren@harmnyzf639ab2928

VENMO:, through

CASH APP: $bbmshappychildren through

APPLE PAY: 661 904 5956 or

ZELLE: 661 713 2468.• We will contact our winners on MONDAY NOV 22nd, at which time, you can come to collect your basket.

BBMS HAPPY CHILDREN MEMORIAL FUND is a NON-PROFIT 501c3, and all monies raised will help to supply SOBER LIVING families, Food, Clothes, Toys & Essentials, over Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We would like to thank you in advance for your donations and good luck to all of you. If you have questions, please call Laurie on 661 904 5956 Or message me through Laurie Reyes Millard or BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund’s FB page.

Published by Laurie Millard

My name is Laurie Millard, I am AC Dave's wife or aka AC Wife and I am Brianna's Mother BBMS Happy Children. AC Dave & I are raising Daniel, Brianna's son. Brianna helped start AC Dave Heating & Air in 2006.

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