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Brianna believed in helping others.  She would bring people home, give them a place to stay. Sharing what she had with others.  When she was a teenager she brought home a friend that became part of our family.  Brianna was always helping others even if it meant leaving herself with nothing. Brianna was diagnosed with mental illness as a teen.  We wanted to honor her giving nature by helping others in her name. On October 6, 2018, Brianna Brandy Millard Smith’s Happy Children Memorial Scholarship Fund was started. We wanted to help recovering families in Brianna’s honor.

Brianna was an inpatient at Tarzana Treatment Center on more than one occasion. The last time she was there in November 2013, the staff knew she needed more help than her insurance would provide. We inquired how much it would cost to keep her there. We were astounded at the astronomical cost. Sadly we could not afford it. Brianna wanted to be clean and sober so much, all she wanted was to be the mother that her autistic son deserved.   

Her mental illness added to her difficulty staying clean and sober. Mental illness exacerbates the need to self medicate (use drugs), this helps calm the voices or noises in their heads. However, once they stop using and are not taking their medication their mental health condition intensifies. Medication for mental health problems made her feel lethargic, unable to function. She would get off her medication when she felt ok, however, the symptoms of mental illness would return, and again she would return to drug use. Sadly, her life ended on March 30, 2014, when she was walking on the side of  Hwy 138 near Llano. She was on the shoulder, the trucker did not know where he was, his semi-truck struck and killed her.  The driver did not know what happened until he went back and found her body. While her life ended tragically we want to carry on her legacy of helping others. We want her remembered for all the good she believed in helping others.

BBMS Happy Children Fundraiser and Recipients

The first recipient of BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund Scholarship had known Brianna and was very grateful to receive help in her name. Dalynn Oliver completed treatment on December 25, 2018 We provided toys donated by Leona Valley Sertoma for her two children, diapers, and food from Code 7 Ministries.  Sorry, we were unable to get a picture of our first family.

BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund hosted a BBQ fundraiser in 2019 enabling us to be support these families in their recovery. Sarah Connally, was a recipient of the Leona Valley Sertoma Christmas toy and food drive. With their help we provided toys for their 4 children. The baby is 3 months old and at Childrens hospital. He was born with down syndrome and recently had a G tube inserted. We received a generous donation of baby furniture, car seats and a stroller. We were also able to help with diapers and baby clothes. The Connally’s are looking for an apartment for their family. Once they are settled in their apartment with their children BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund may be able to help with funds towards rent and Code 7 Ministries will help with food.

Wallace family recipients BBMS Happy Children Memorial Scholarship Fund=

BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund was honored to be part of the Wallace families recovery. We were able to assist them with food, diapers, a stuffed Gigi dog for Mackenzie, and funds towards their rent. Christian graduated Tarzana treatment center a little over a year ago. He is going back to school to become a Youth services counselor. Rebecca will be completing her studies to be a social worker for DCFS. Thank you for allowing us to be of service. We hope you will join us at our next BBQ fundraiser in April 2020. Thank you your continued donations. Cherish Bolton our secretary with BBMS presented the check to Christian and Rebecca. Please continue to donate www.bbmshappychildren.comIn approximately 4 mos. the Wallace family will need to relocate. Please keep them in mind for rentals that come up to help their family continue on the next part of their journey.

Noni and her daughter

Nonie Able and her daughter Kaylee they recipients of the BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund Scholarship. We were able to provide a high chair, gift card, food from Code 7 Ministries, and funds for rent payable to the landlord. Congratulations we hope you can attend our fundraiser in April (This event had to be canceled due to COVID19).

Area of Eligibility

Mothers or fathers who are inpatient residential at Tarzana Treatment Center and are residing with their children or attending Tarzana’s outpatient program.

1. Completion of Inpatient residential program or outpatient for drug and/or alcohol addiction at Tarzana Treatment Center in Lancaster, CA

2. Children must be residing with their parent while in residential treatment at Tarzana Treatment Center in Lancaster, CA. or being reunited with their children immediately upon completion of treatment at TTC. 


An Entry Application must be filled out and turned in to BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund by the 20th of each month. Along with the application, the applicant must provide:

1) A short essay “What my goals are for my children and myself.

2) A letter of acceptance/rental application from an apartment, sober living, home applicant will be residing. If such letter/contract is not available by the 15th of the month, the applicant will not be considered eligible for the scholarship.

The selection committee will make the selection and notify the recipient by the 25th of the month. All entry applications, along with the accompanying data must be turned in to Tarzana Treatment Center or directly to BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund.

The BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund will collect the applications and notify the recipient personally of the award. The scholarship will be paid to the apartment, sober living, resident the applicant will be residing upon leaving Tarzana Treatment Center.

If you would like more information or know a family BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund could help please, fill out the form below. We will contact you regarding your request.

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Thank you for your donations which allow us to help families on their road to recovery. God is good.
If you would like to help send your donations through PayPal bbmshappychildren@gmail.com (click on the BBMS log it will direct you to the PayPal portal to donate.

How Do We Decide?

The recipient will be chosen by the Scholarship Committee. You will be notified of the award. Scholarships will be given one time per month to once per family minimum amount of $100.00 to be paid for their montly rent payable to the landlord. Should funds permit there will be more than one award per month. If there are no applicants for the month the funds will carry over to the following month.


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Shanna Valenzuela Board Member
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