Helping in a time of Covid

Amist Covid BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund gratefully received donations from our neighbors and community to help 11 families. On December 12, 2020, deliveries began. We delivered clothes, toys, food, and gift cards to families in Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley.

We received comments of gratitude for all the help they received. A special shout out to Green Valley Market, Leona Valley Sertoma, Code 7 Ministries, and Backroad Market for the food, toys, and gift cards we were able to pass out to the families. We are so grateful for their support and the support of this great community we are blessed to be part of. God bless you all.BBMS Happy children Memorial Fund is a 501c3 non-profit. Your donations make it possible for us to help others. You can donate through FB or PayPal:

Published by Laurie Millard

My name is Laurie Millard, I am AC Dave's wife or aka AC Wife and I am Brianna's Mother BBMS Happy Children. AC Dave & I are raising Daniel, Brianna's son. Brianna helped start AC Dave Heating & Air in 2006.

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